Fariba has, since childhood, always been fascinated by the colors, textures and patterns in the world around her. Whether it be old buildings with instricate stone carvings and stained glass windows, or patterns and colors of the Persian rugs and textiles, the ordered
random patterns found in nature and in the cast shadows of  nature,
she would capture these in drawings and photographs, later attending School of Art and Architecture at University of Michigan where she further honed her skills in photography, ceramics, and printmaking. Hence, her design sensibilities tend toward the atypical.

Aside from her education in Art School, Fariba has worked in the tile and stone industry since 1994, bringing more than twenty years of accumulated knowledge and experience to each project. Each cliente who enters ARCHARIUM tile & stone recognises that this is not a typical tile store, but rather and adventure in discovery of possibilities. What artists and craftsmen have created with clay and stone is wonderous to Fariba, and she happily shares her knowledge and love for the beauty.

Our Values
Upon entering ARCHARIUM tile and stone one notices the dynamic range of tiles and the beauty each tile manifests. This beauty is the realisation of the integrity of the artists and the mindfulness inherent in their works. Beauty and Integrity. Value.
Customer Service
Award Winning
Global Reach
Our Commitment
According to Dictionay of Architecture and Construction, Edited by Cyril M. Harris, ARCHARIUM is defined: "same as Archivium - archivium In ancient Greece and Rome, a building in which archives of a city or state were deposited; also called archeion or tabularium". Fariba sees her showroom as resource for things beautiful to use in your projects, inside and outside your homes and clubhouses, pools and fountains, spaces public and private.

With her kowledge and networks, gleaned from the many years in the industry, Fariba helps homeowners, architects and designers find the tiles and stones most suitable for the requirements of the project, also informing when materials are not suitable.

At ARCHARIUM exceptional custom designs have been created, both in custom made ceramics, and handcut stone and glass mosaic murals drawn and specified by Fariba, large and small artist-commissioned murals and wood medallions hand-embellished with paints and gold and silver foil, now in homes and on display in public spaces.

At ARCHARIUM, we commit to bringing forth the best products suited to the parameters set forth by our clients. We strive to design with consideration to the desired outcomes, and endeavor to address concerns and minimize risks as best to our abilities.