Malibu Tile Pool
        Fireclay time Malibu style Ceramic Tile

The client came to us with request to select paving materials and to design the tiles for this pool and spa, and a two fountains. This lovely property already had some tiles on the front façade of the house, which we considered when selecting the designs of tiles for the back outdoor area, wanting to establish continuity. This is a large pool and raised areas are expansive. Two factors were prominent in the design considerations, how to design the raised wall areas creating both enough visual activity to engage interest without overwhelming, and to maintain control of the costs as custom murals can be expensive. What resulted is beautiful in its classical proportions and rhythm. The decorative Cuerda Seca tiles were made by artists at Fireclay Tile in San Jose, and the standard porcelain pool tiles are from Fujiwa Tiles.

Craftsman Fireplace
        Antiquity Tile Stoneware Craftsman

The clients had torn out the old tiles surrounding their fireplace, then came to ARCHARIUM looking for unique tiles. The Frosts selected Antiquity Tile’s Bronze glaze specifically because of the beautiful variation and tonal range of colors inherent in this single glaze; the deep blue accents are Antiquity Tile’s Chun Blue. This fireplace design was selected from many different layouts, and certainly it was the most complex for Terry Bloom, the tile installer, to work out fitting together without cutting any tiles in the middle of the design field; what works out in conceptual drawings always varies in the reality. Only a couple of tiles have been cut for this installation; and this requires an astute and exacting contractor to build the frame to the size of the tiles, not cut the tiles to fit the space.
This was a very satisfying project, and we thank the Frosts for giving us the opportunity!

Carrera Bianca Marble Guest Bath

Terra Bella Marble Classic white

Sandra sought out three services from Archarium tile & stone because she desired to use Terra Bella Marble mosaics on this project The delicate tracery work of this scrolline vine mosaic patter is the focul point for a classically elegant presentation set with Carrera Bianca marble tiles.
The space wa small, but the larger scale of the sparling mosaic framed panel on the back wall made the pace more grand.